Sales and Marketing

Passionate partnerships for a powerful experience.

Well-trained and knowledgeable sales and marketing representatives are the key to a thriving business. That’s why we take the time to properly train our team to be experts not only in our products, but in market trends to offer consultative services to our customers.

We Share in Our Customers' Growth

By offering countless sales and marketing tools and dedicated representatives to boost your business, we want to be more than a supplier of products - we want to be your partner.

Sales Representatives

Blum sales reps serve as consultants to our customers in a wide range of activities—like introducing new products, visiting cabinetmakers and distributors, helping plan and order as well as providing training for products. They are located throughout the United States to support our customers with their incredible knowledge.

Responding to Customer Needs

Our customer service, marketing and sales reps take the time to help solve questions about design and product specifications, as well as attend to any special requests our customers may have. It’s important that we support customers and homeowners alike when they have any issues, so they always feel good about using Blum products.

Online Marketing Tools

Blum offers all the tools customers need 24/7, at their fingertips. Blum’s E-SERVICES is an internet portal which offers customers and partners a multitude of online services for their specific needs. It includes our Marketing Media Library, the Product Database and our Online Product Configurator. We make sure all of our customers have the support they need in every aspect of their business at all hours.

Marketing Materials & Support

At Blum, we understand that our marketing materials need to represent the market we serve. We have an in-house team of graphic designers, brand specialists, product managers, digital specialists, researchers, trainers, trade show designers, machine specialists and cabinetmakers who ensure that our marketing efforts speak to a consistent message about our commitments to quality, innovation and being local and available to our market.

Meet Our Team

Watch as John Paine speaks to what makes a difference when laser-focus and reliability come together in sales and marketing.