Innovation. Always. In all ways.

Here at Blum, we know it's really the little things that mean everything. No detail is too small to be overlooked. We spend countless hours relentlessly pursuing a better manufacturing process, so it's not only efficient and innovative, but also it produces little to no waste. Due to our laser-like focus and passion for creation, our quality is the best in the industry.

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A 60+ Year-Old Recipe

Qualified specialists, ultra-modern facilities and environmentally friendly processes are what help us meet the high standards we have set for ourselves. Whether manufacturing in the U.S. or Austria, our manufacturing recipe is the same, using domestic and European components.


Commitment to Quality

We’re committed to creating a powerful product experience. We don’t just want our products to work, we want them to change lives. Which is why we rigorously test them to guarantee they’ll last the lifetime of the cabinet.

Quality Control

Blum repeatedly exceeds industry standards when it comes to quality. We constantly test product durability through rigorous standards knowing a kitchen will last 20+ years. We also actively test product function and measurement tolerances on the production lines for the best end result.

Testing Procedures

We hold ourselves to higher testing standards than the industry. We use more than 26,000 calibrated testing devices worldwide to guarantee high-quality production, we prevent deviations with assembly lines with built-in cameras, perform 15,000 different attribute checks, and measure 7,500 different variable characteristics each month.

Collaborative Problem Solving

Ideas come from everywhere at Blum. Whether you work in customer service or with manufacturers, every voice is heard because our employees live and breathe our products, and know what’s best. Collaboration is the key to our family community.

Manufacturing Support Systems

We have various systems in place to keep the manufacturing process running smoothly at every stage. From storing steel coils in-house that are made to Blum’s specifications to production staging centers that enable a seamless workflow, our manufacturing process is designed to run as efficiently and as uninterrupted as possible.

Meet Our Leaders

Our manufacturing team makes all the difference. Meet our amazing leaders whose commitment to quality make us the leading innovative manufacturer in the industry.