Building a better workforce for tomorrow.

What if we told you the future pioneers of this industry are already in the building? It's our mission to invest in eager students who want to bring their inspirations to life. Blum is where initiative, dedication and imagination come to play.



Leading the Future, One Apprentice at a Time.

Being a part of the Blum workforce is more than just being an employee, it’s being a part of a family. That’s why we started the highly successful Blum apprenticeship program. We believe in investing in people early on to train them the Blum way - to understand and appreciate an unparalleled dedication to quality. This sets them up in the future for leadership opportunities anywhere in the company or in the industry.

Our apprenticeship program is comprised of six like-minded companies who all believe in the value of offering a mentorship in technical career opportunities to motivated high school students. Once students are accepted into this prestigious program, they are placed at one of the six companies who take on training apprentices for their own workforce trades which include: CNC Machinists, Tool & Die Makers, Mechatronics Technicians and Injection Molding Technicians.

Apprentices spend part of their time with hands-on experience working and part of their time in class at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), whose expertise helped us develop specific classes for this path. Whether students are at work or at school, we pay them for their time and give them bonuses based on performance. Showing appreciation for hard work is part of our process. After graduation, they have a guaranteed job and four years of seniority within the company. Since our program’s start in 1995, we’re proud to say more than one hundred companies across North Carolina have adopted a similar program.


Meet Our Team

Our apprenticeship program has created career-long staff members who have continued Blum’s reputation as an industry leader, while also creating the next generation of innovators to push the industry forward. Go inside our program and see how instilling a commitment to quality from the very beginning raises new standards for the industry.


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