Research and Development

Insights for a well-tailored kitchen.

Insights are everything when developing new products for a well-tailored kitchen. It’s not just about creating a part that works, it’s about understanding how people want to use their kitchens. Researching and observing people in their homes helps us to develop real, meaningful products with intuitive installation, that last the life of the kitchen. Kitchens shouldn’t just look beautiful, they should also work beautifully. We don’t make kitchens, we make kitchens work.

Insights Meet Imagination

With deep insights and a commitment to innovating quality products for the real world, we imagine home solutions that not only inspire, but improve how our customers live.

Consumer Kitchen Observation Studies

The kitchen is the heart of every home, which is why we found it imperative to study. In 2017, we conducted studies in big cities and suburban areas across the U.S., examining and filming how homeowners use and move about their kitchens. Those insights lead to the creation of high-quality solutions for the lifetime of their kitchen.

Committed to Getting It Right the First Time

Where some competitors rush their products to market prematurely, we take our time in the research and development process to ensure our product goes to market fully tested, so it’s made right the first time.

Quality Testing

Blum repeatedly exceeds industry standards when it comes to quality testing. We constantly test our products through rigorous standards for the best end result.

Continuous Product Improvement

From “IdeaNet,” our internal platform allowing employees to suggest improvements to products and processes, to specific customer-requested upgrades, we believe every idea shared creates a better product.

Meet Our Research & Development Team

We take tremendous pride in our commitment to learning. Meet the leaders whose incredible attention to detail keeps our manufacturing process innovative and evolving.