Spending time cooking with family and friends is special, and we take that time very seriously. When everyone is together in the kitchen, it can be quite a dance to coordinate a great meal. Open cabinet doors can disrupt a good flow, and no one wants to dodge an open door. With unlimited functionality and enhanced modern style, AVENTOS can make every meal a showstopper.

Can you leave your cabinet doors open?

With AVENTOS, you can retrieve items quickly, and you'll never worry about interrupting a good time. The beauty of a lift system is that doors open out of the way allowing you to easily see everything in your upper cabinets, helping make dinner with the family more enjoyable.

Hitting your head?

Not anymore! Make clean up easy with doors that lift up and out of the way.

What good is a great kitchen if it doesn't last forever?

We can't predict the future but we can help you plan for it. No matter your stage of life, your range of motion is always changing. AVENTOS helps the motion of your doors change with you. Doors stay wherever you put them, and they close with ease. If you are planning a kitchen, plan one that will span the decades.


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