Apprenticeship 2000

YOU could be exactly what WE need

Today's high-tech products require manufacturing companies to have well trained and highly skilled employees. The Apprenticeship 2000 program is a 4-year technical training apprenticeship program that can train you for exciting career opportunities!

Apprenticeship 2000 began in 1995 as an apprenticeship partnership located in the Charlotte, NC region. The goal of Apprenticeship 2000 is to offer technical career opportunities to motivated high school students and employment after graduation. In return, the sponsoring companies obtain highly skilled employees to fit their technical needs.

Our apprentices invest 8,000 hours in training which includes 1,800 hours of classroom work. In addition to earning an associates degree in Mechatronics and a journeyman’s certification from the North Carolina Department of Labor, apprentices are guaranteed jobs after graduation.

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Learning something new every day

Diversity - Training in different areas gives young people good career opportunities.

Our new apprentices start off with basic training in materials and technologies.

Manual dexterity and a strong affinity for precision are needed.

Promoting the skills and strengths of every individual - that’s what Blum’s training program is all about.

Blum’s apprentices work in a high-tech environment from the very start.