Customer Service & Logistics

Where moving parts come together.

Here at Blum, we put people first. That's why we excel when it comes to developing customized logistic solutions that work for our customers to not only build valued relationships, but to create a reliable experience with receiving, fulfilling and shipping out orders.

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Engineering the Optimum Customer Service

From the first point of contact in customer service to the finish line in logistics, we support our customers and their success every step of the way.

5-Day Turnaround Guarantee

Our combination of automated warehouse technology and reputable shipping partners allow us to commit to customers receiving products within five days of ordering them. That’s just one way we make customers’ experience with Blum a reliable one.

Personal Customer Service

Quality is not only an obsession when it comes to our products, but also in our customer service. Our customers are our family, which is why when you email or call us, our customer service team goes to great lengths to make sure you are attended to in a timely and friendly fashion. With access to our product managers, more technical or application related questions can be talked through so the answer you receive suits your exact needs. Our knowledgeable and reliable team is here for you.

Automated Warehouse

Our dedication to details starts with our automated high bay warehouse in North Carolina. Being close to customers allows us to react quickly to changing needs, handle unexpected surges in demand and better match our customers’ production schedules. Not to mention reducing storage costs while increasing efficiencies in filling orders. Creating a better customer experience is our focus.

Emphasis on Process

Being there every step of the way isn’t just good business, it’s about creating secure and valued relationships that turn into partnerships. Our support process is geared towards every day operations to help our customers achieve their desired results quickly and more efficiently.

Forecasting to Meet Customer Demands

We not only deliver on customer needs, we anticipate them in advance. From reviewing customer history to studying market trends, we forecast the products needed in-house and for orders to ensure we have exactly what every customer needs before they need it.

Meet Our Team

Get to know Mala Williams, Rachel Mode and Sarah Gates as they talk about the importance of communication and relationships here at Blum U.S.