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What E-SERVICES does Blum offer to users?

Blum offers the Product Configurator, Marketing Media Library, and Product Database as applications to help serve you. For a full list of services, please go to our Overview page.

What are the benefits of an E-SERVICES account?

You will be able to save configurations, manage projects, create templates, and quickly configure applications through the Product Configurator. You'll get access to the Product Database and Marketing Media Library as well. Product Database provides you with descriptions, technical product features, CAD data and other useful information about Blum's products. The Marketing Media Library gives you free access to professional marketing materials around the clock.

Please contact your local Blum representative for more information.

How long does it take to get full access to E-SERVICES?

Full access is immediately available with an E-SERVICES login. Fill out the online registration form here. You will receive an email with a temporary password once you register and will be prompted to change your password once you log in.

Where do I find my E-SERVICES settings?

Your E-SERVICES settings are in the top right-hand corner of your E-SERVICES home page. Click on your name and then click on “Settings”.

How do I change my E-SERVICES password?

You can change your E-SERVICES password by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner of your E-SERVICES home page. After clicking on your name, click on “Settings” to change your password.

I forgot my E-SERVICES password. How do I reset it?

To reset your password, simply click on the “Forgot Password?” button on the E-SERVICES login screen.

Please note: If you enter the wrong password five times, your access will be locked. In this case, please email us at to unlock your account.

Alternatively, you will automatically receive an email with a new temporary password for your E-SERVICES account within 24 hours.

Where can I get marketing material such as images and brochures about Blum products?

The  Marketing Media Library is where you will find professional photos, product and assembly videos, flyers and brochures, assembly instructions, operating instructions, technical data sheets, logos, presentations, certificates, information about displays and models, and marketing tools for showroom kitchens.

How do I find CAD data in the Product Database?

There are a few ways to get the CAD data you need, but one of the easier ways is through the Product Database.

Click on "Free Search" in the structure tree to the left of the screen. Enter the part number, item number, or description of the product in the "Search Term" field and click "Search." Find the correct product in the search results and click on the blue folder icon. Select the "Download" tab and scroll down until you see the product image labeled "Isometric CAD drawing 3D." You will know you have selected this option when there is a thin red outline. From here, select the desired file format and click "Download."

If there is not a product image labeled "Isometric CAD drawing 3D," this means there is no CAD data available in the Product Database. In this case, you can send an email to to request the CAD data.

Product Configurator: General

What products are available in the Product Configurator?

Lift Systems:




  • AVENTOS HK top



Box Systems:




Hinge Systems:

  • CLIP

  • CLIP top


Runner Systems:



Pocket Systems:


Organization Systems:



Boring and Insertion Machines:



Cabinet Applications:




When can I expect other products to become available?

We expect other products to follow throughout 2024.

Who do I contact with Product Configurator questions?

Please contact your local Blum representative with any product questions you may have at

Can I access the Product Configurator from my mobile device?

Yes! We understand that our customers may not always be near a desktop computer. The Product Configurator can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Does the Product Configurator provide CAD data?

Yes! CAD/CAM data is provided on the “Results” page of a Detailed Configuration. There are 2D and 3D options available and there are multiple formats available for download. CAD data can also be found in the Product Database.

Why doesn’t the Product Configurator match up exactly with the catalog?

The Product Configurator is a dynamic application that provides the most updated information available. Please feel confident that your configuration will reflect the latest product versions.

Is the Product Configurator always up to date?

Yes! The Product Configurator always reflects the most up-to-date information available. It is automatically updated so you do not have to worry about downloading newer versions of the application. Simply log in and start your configurations.

How is the Product Configurator different from the Excel-based Planning Tools?

The Excel-based Planning Tools are a useful service, but they do have limitations. The Product Configurator does not rely on macros like the Planning Tools do and is not limited to a specific operating system. This means you can access the Product Configurator on your desktop computer, mobile device, and tablet. The Planning Tools can only be accessed on a desktop computer and can only work if you have Microsoft Excel downloaded on your computer.

Why can’t I see the Cabinet Configurator on my E-SERVICES portal?

Blum US is currently in the process of building the Cabinet Configurator to work for products that are specific to the US. Therefore, it will not show up on your E-SERVICES portal right now.

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Product Configurator: User Input

Can I search for a specific product?

Yes. A Single Product Search option is available on the toolbar in the Product Configurator. You can search by product number, description, and/or identification number.

Can I enter my data in imperial (standard) measurement?

Currently, users are only allowed to enter measurements in metric. However, there is a conversion chart in the toolbar of the Product Configurator to help you convert from imperial to metric.

Why do I get an error message for some choices I make during my configuration?

The Product Configurator determines viable options for every configuration. A pop-up message will alert you when a choice isn’t possible. You can either keep the previous selection you made or change it.

There are also ranges listed underneath each user input field. If you enter a number outside of that range, the system will prompt you with an error message. Be sure to stay within the parameters the system sets for you.

Can I go back to see what measurements I entered during my configuration?

Yes! You can always go back to any section of the configuration process, even when you are on the “Results” page. Simply hit the “Back” button or click on the section of the configuration you want to review.

Why does the Product Configurator make recommended selections for me?

The Product Configurator will make suggested selections during the configuration that you can either choose to accept or change by entering your own choice.

Why doesn’t the Product Configurator always offer “Additional Features” in the configuration process?

Each product has unique options and features, and the Product Configurator will offer what is available when it is relevant. For example, “Additional Features” will show up for Box systems when a stabilizer rod is suggested for use.

What happens if my configuration won’t work?

If you have entered a value or option that will not work with the configuration, the application will prompt you with a pop-up message. At this point, you will have to choose to keep the previous selection or change the selection you most recently entered.

There are also ranges listed underneath each user input field. If you enter a number outside of that range, the system will prompt you with an error message. Be sure to stay within the parameters the system sets for you.

Product Configurator: System Output

How can I export my data/parts list?

Once you get to the “Results” page, in the “Actions” window, you will be able to download and export your data in a PDF format or as an Excel spreadsheet. There will be a list of items from the “Results” page that you can choose to add and/or exclude from the download, such as parts list, planning information, and product images.

Will my “Results” page be deleted if I start over or start a new configuration?

Yes. However, you can save your configuration in “My Projects” to save your work as-is or in “My Library” to save as a complete or incomplete template for quick configurations next time.

Do I have to complete a configuration to get CAD data?

No. With an E-SERVICES login you have access to get CAD data either through the “Results” page in the Product Configurator or through the Product Database.

How can I use the exported data from the “Results” page?

You can use the exported data in many ways. For example, you can provide the parts list to your Blum distributor, retailer, or cabinet professional. You can use the planning details for construction reference. You can also use the CAD/CAM data in any type of CAD software, such as Trimble SketchUp.

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