Up and Out of the Way

AVENTOS HF works with two-part, bi-fold doors that fold in the center when opening. It is an ideal solution for tall wall cabinets with large doors because the handle stays within easy reach.

Cabinet dimensions

Cabinet height range – 18-7/8” to 42”

Cabinet width range – up to 72”

Small program

Three lift mechanisms and four telescopic arms cover all common cabinet widths and heights. This makes planning, ordering, and warehousing much easier.


With AVENTOS HF, you can combine different door styles to create any look imaginable. It works with wood doors, narrow and wide aluminum frame doors, and it can be used with crown molding.

Angle restriction clips

Angle restriction clips are available in 104° and 83° to make sure your cabinet opens at just the right height.

Motion technologies

SERVO-DRIVE the electrical motion support system, opens AVENTOS doors with just a light touch on the door, and closes with the press of a button.


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