Blum Requirement Research

Recognizing what kitchen users need

We have been investigating the needs of kitchen users around the world for years. The insights we gain help us develop new product ideas that are tailored to the needs of everyday kitchen use.


The AGE EXPLORER® is a suit that allows the wearer to experience simulated movement limitations such as: pregnancy, carrying a newborn, the natural aging process, or either a lifelong or recent physical disability.

 More about the age simulator suit

Kitchen observations

In order to develop products that are tailored to meet the actual needs of users, we must know their habits, needs and desires.

That is why we are researching kitchens every day at Blum. As part of our "Day in a kitchen", kitchen observations, we visit people in their homes - all over the world.

We watch, analyze and strive to understand

From one household to the next there are many differences, but there are also quite a few similarities. For example, most preparation work is done somewhere between the sink and the cooktop. Also, there are many people who are quite often bending, stretching, and kneeling, or climbing on counters or chairs to reach items in cabinets.

Research insights

During our observations we pay attention to, among other things, what the most common activities and processes in the kitchen are, and we identify a variety of practical requirements for kitchens. For example, the storage space requirements, internal organization or functional requirements for our products. The findings are incorporated into the development of our products.


DYNAMIC SPACE – Ideas for practical kitchens

What do we mean by "practical kitchens"? Through DYNAMIC SPACE we hope to inspire and provide useful information, such as how any kitchen can become truly functional.



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