In motion since 1952

The name Blum stands for innovation, dedicated employees, and international market presence. Julius Blum founded the company on March 1, 1952. His first product was a horseshoe stud. Today we are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cabinet hardware.

US facilities

For more than 40 years, Blum Inc. has served as the American arm of Blum, and the Stanley, NC facility serves as both a complete manufacturing and final assembly location for products sold throughout the country. Our location holds administration, manufacturing, and distribution facilities, state-of-the-art cabinet shop, and a samples preparation area.

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Made in the USA

Drawer runners such as TANDEM plus BLUMOTION along with STANDARD and METABOX 320M are all made in the USA with domestic and European components.

Assembled in the USA

Hinge systems are assembled in the US with the majority of components (steel and zinc) manufactured in our Austrian plants. Most plastic components are injection molded in the US facility.

Blum products over time

After transitioning from horseshoe studs to hinges, Blum began producing box systems, drawer runners, lift systems, and motion technologies, while also conducting research to optimize the use of Blum products in homes. Scroll through our timeline to see how products have evolved.

Roller runners were added to production back in 1966

The first drawer system, METABOX, goes into production in 1987

In 2003, DYNAMIC SPACE, which creates efficient workflows and optimizes storage space within the kitchen, makes the home more functional and practical

AVENTOS lift systems are presented for the first time in 2005

In 2015, our four motion technologies became available for use in multiple applications, providing convenience in any living area

International growth

  1. 1977 Blum Sweden, Blum USA

  2. 1978 Blum Canada

  3. 1981 Blum Germany

  4. 1987 Blum UK

  5. 1989 Blum Norway

  6. 1991 Blum France

  7. 1992 Blum Poland

  8. 1993 Blum Czech Republic

  9. 1994 Blum Hungary

  10. 1995 Blum Romania

  11. 1996 Blum Turkey

  12. 1997 Blum Australia

  13. 1998 Blum Brazil

  14. 2001 Blum South East Asia

  15. 2002 Blum China

  16. 2005 Blum Ukraine

  17. 2007 Blum Mexico

  18. 2008 Blum Kazakhstan, Blum Vietnam

  19. 2009 Blum India, Blum Hong Kong

  20. 2010 Blum New Zealand

  21. 2011 Blum North Africa, Blum Portugal

  22. 2012 Blum Greece

  23. 2016 Blum Azerbaijan