Pocket systems for new space concepts

Blum's new product category, pocket systems, opens up completely new opportunities for creating multifunctional space. REVEGO, the unique pocket door system with fully integrated technology, allows you to open up complete living areas when you need them and conceal them again when they are not in use. No matter whether single or double door application, the full overlay fronts disappear into a dedicated narrow cabinet, the pocket.

Integrated pocket construction

REVEGO is so simple to implement that you might not realize the complexity that lies within the innovative hardware solution. What's more, the pocket systems are characterized by the ease of use and quality standards that are synonymous with Blum.

Easy planning

Standardized pocket widths make planning simple. No matter whether single or double door application, REVEGO gives you limitless possibilities for designing the space adjacent to the pocket and can be quickly integrated into the kitchen layout or run of cabinets.

Simple setup

REVEGO also stands for quick and easy installation: Align and mount the pre-assembled pockets, install the fronts and track, make some quick adjustments – and that's it!

Ready-to-install solution

The well-thought-out solution has all the essential components integrated into the pocket system. Easily pre-assemble the tall cabinet in your workshop and simply transport the product to the end user.

Conceal cabinetry in a flash

Full overlay REVEGO fronts completely conceal the pocket and cabinetry when closed for a perfect layout. A light touch is enough to quickly open the area when you need it – and you can close it again just as fast.

REVEGO AR: An almost real experience

The AR application by Blum makes it possible. You can now place a REVEGO in your space with your iPhone or iPad. Simply download the app in the App Store to get started.


Versatile application

More and more people are merging their kitchen, dining, living and working space. This trend places high demands on modern living concepts. The ability to quickly open up complete living areas when you need them, and close them again when they are not in use, helps to create a homey atmosphere. REVEGO opens up completely new design possibilities for small and large rooms. You can give free rein to your creativity.

In the kitchen

Turn kitchens into eye-catchers: spacious worktops skillfully exposed and concealed again in just a few simple steps. REVEGO uno and REVEGO duo can be combined as needed.

Perfect for the home office

Not everyone has the luxury of a spare room that’s available to be turned into an office. With REVEGO, a home office can be magicked into existence behind large fronts. After the work is done, you can quickly return the space to a private living room.

Concealed hallway storage

Out of sight but within easy reach – REVEGO is also perfect for hallways. The result? Everything looks tidy and bulky items are concealed in no time at all.

Multifunctional living room

Quiet night in? Open the doors to access your favorite media. Company coming over? Close REVEGO to give the room a sleek, organized look.

High-quality home bar

What better way to wind down after a hard day than with a glass of wine or a delicious cocktail. The home bar is open for service with just one touch.