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Explore upcoming products from Blum US, including the KBIS fan favorite REVEGO, a sleek pocket door system for full-sized cabinets.
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LEGRABOX in a kit
Inspired by customer feedback, LEGRABOX single-drawer kits make ordering and using LEGRABOX easier than ever. Get everything you need in one package.
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Blum's brand new concealed hinge for face frame cabinets features clip technology, three-dimensional adjustability and integrated soft-close BLUMOTION.
Ultimate functionality is the heart of Blum’s products. Find the perfect hinges, lift systems, drawer runners and box systems to bring your cabinet ideas to life.
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At Blum, we pay attention to those small but valuable details. We’re attentive in everything we do. With our carefully engineered hardware, innovative motion technologies and customized services, we help move your ideas forward. Let’s move the world together.
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Concealed clip-on hinge for face frame cabinets
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Concealed runner made in the USA with domestic and European components
Concealed hinge with soft close BLUMOTION
Concealed runners with high load capacity

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Discover exciting ideas for a better quality of living with creative cabinet solutions for every living area and ideas on ergonomics, storage space maximization, top-quality motion and design.

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