Blum services

Customized solutions for your day-to-day work

What's the key to successfully implementing your projects? One factor is our high-quality cabinet hardware, and the other is the services we provide for them. Our services are precisely tailored to support you during every step of the process, allowing you to work more efficiently and save time.

Personal services

Real people for customer-focused support

Direct contact with you is important to us. We are happy to provide you with personalized answers to any of your questions about our products and services.

Customer service

Good service starts with a good consultation – we are there for you.

Digital services

Digital support for greater efficiency

Our E-SERVICES support you online – at any time, wherever you are. Work more efficiently by using our suite of digital services to streamline each step of your process.

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Product Configurator

Find the right hardware solutions quickly and simply, download CAD data, and get an accurate parts list to make ordering products from your distributor a breeze.

Marketing Media Library

Our Marketing Media Library gives you free access to professional content around the clock. Download high-resolution images, videos or brochures to create your own marketing materials.


Blum's assembly app answers any questions you may have about the assembly and adjustment of Blum hardware.

Product Database

Descriptions, technical product features, CAD data and other useful information about Blum products can all be found in our Product Database.

Software partners

Find our hardware data in your favorite CAD/CAM software with ultimate ease.

Communication services

Comprehensive material for targeted marketing

We provide you with all the necessary materials to market Blum products even more efficiently. Find everything from images, videos and logos to brochures and data sheets.

Marketing Media Library

Our Marketing Media Library gives you free access to professional content around the clock. So there's nothing stopping you from creating your own marketing materials.

Assembly devices

Practical tools for precise work

We offer support tools to make using our products easy, efficient, and precise. There is a practical tool for every step – be it a template, a drilling and insertion machine, or an assembly device.

Drilling and insertion machines

Precise drilling and insertion of Blum hardware.


New digital and automatic tool for MINIPRESS.

Assembly devices

The easy and fast way to assemble drawers.

Templates and jigs

Simple and precise transfer of measurements.


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