Up and over lift systems

AVENTOS HS lift systems open doors up and over the top of the cabinet, and they are ideal for wide cabinets with heavy, single doors.

Cabinet dimensions

Cabinet height range - 13-3/4" to 31-1/2"

Cabinet width range - up to 72"

Lift mechanism

Nine lift mechanisms and one arm assembly cover all applications for AVENTOS HS.


Match your specific style with AVENTOS HS. Clearing crown molding is no problem, and choose from a wide range of door materials like wood, wide aluminum frames, and narrow aluminum frames.

Motion technologies

SERVO-DRIVE the electrical motion support system, opens AVENTOS doors with just a light touch and closes with the press of a button.

Case studies

Holds in any position

Adjust the lift mechanism precisely to the weight of the door and AVENTOS HS will stay exactly where you want it to.

Unhindered access

The door swings up and out of the way so the wall cabinet can be left open while cooking or putting away the dishes.

Opening and closing with ease

The SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system makes opening and closing lift systems a mesmerizing experience.

Design options

AVENTOS HS offers plenty of design options. You can easily use wide or narrow aluminum frames, and it is even suitable for crown moldings.


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