Boring and insertion machines

Blum boring and insertion machines are designed to assemble Blum products. Set up and operation is simple and easy, and it allows you to precisely bore and insert Blum hardware.


MINIPRESS P - The specialist tool

As a boring and hardware insertion specialist, MINIPRESS P takes on the routine jobs in the workshop producing precise results for cabinets, doors, drawer fronts, and lift systems. Once set, the desired boring pattern can be quickly made or the desired hardware quickly inserted.

Advantages at a glance

  • Boring and component insertion

  • Deluxe and standard versions

  • Pneumatic feed

  • Dust collection attachment


The boring distance can be easily set.


MINIPRESS P accepts both the 8 and 9 spindle head.


Boring patterns can be set quickly, tool-free, and precisely.


Insert Blum hardware easily and efficiently.

MINIPRESS M - The mobile tool

The MINIPRESS M from Blum is a robust tool that is flexible enough to be used in the workshop or on-site. This manual machine operates on 110 voltage and does not require pressurized air. The machine is a simple and efficient machine designed to bore all hinge and mounting plate systems, METABOX and TANDEMBOX front fixing brackets, METABOX C-15 drawer components and 3-hole line boring of cabinet sides.

Advantages at a glance

  • Boring and component insertion

  • Manual feed

  • Dust collection attachment


Boring depth can be quickly and accurately set.

Sur MINIPRESS M de Blum, le réglage des cotes de perçage est fait à l’aide de leviers de serrage

Adjustments can be made easily.


MINIPRESS M accepts both the 8 and 9 spindle head.


The lever is pulled down manually for precise boring.


ECODRILL is a simple device for boring the Blum hinge pattern. Driven by an electric / cordless drill, each drill bit is driven separately and retracts automatically.