Light gray metal box drawers

Whether you want bright whites, dark wood or something in between for your cabinets, the light gray TANDEMBOX suits every style. With TANDEMBOX, it's easy to customize your space with solutions for corners, waste drawers and even the typically unused space around the sink. TANDEMBOX drawers open smoothly and close quietly thanks to their integrated BLUMOTION soft-close feature. Every TANDEMBOX drawer is full extension, meaning you'll have access to everything in the drawer, even the items in the back.

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Product range at a glance

Drawer/High fronted pull-out
Inner drawer/Inner pull-out

Height B - 146 mm

Height D - 207 mm

Cabinet profiles


Load bearing capacity

Nominal length

30 kg

400 - 550 mm


With this adjustable organization system, everything is stored where it can be seen. Specifically designed for MOVENTO, TANDEM and TANDEMBOX, it fits in the space you have, and it can be rearranged to store the items you need. The customizable system is made of stainless steel trays and dividers, making it easy to adapt to any drawer configuration.

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