The Blum Difference

Our dedication is in the details.

It’s the little things that really are everything. We passionately pursue excellence in every facet of our company from creating a powerful product experience to bringing the community together. We manufacture in the United States using both local and European components because it’s important to us, and to our customers. We’re dedicated to our people, our customers, and our process, every step of the way.

Our Four-Part Philosophy

Our product journey is just that—a movement of ideas. From beginning to end, we work directly with every person in the process to create a high-quality product customers will choose every time.


When it comes to developing a powerful product experience, it all starts with our customers. That’s why we work individually with small and large manufacturers in person and online to seamlessly incorporate our products into their processes, and vice versa. They can easily understand the products to order for their distinctive applications, and we can understand how to deliver upon their unique needs. To us, every conversation counts because it leads to more satisfied customers. Using Blum gives manufacturers assurance that the product they choose will last the lifetime of the cabinet.


Dealers really are an incredible asset. We believe it’s important to share our research on what makes a kitchen truly functional with dealers everywhere—so they have a plethora of information at their disposal. Also, we provide any images or showroom support they need to create an inspirational showroom display. Planning Blum products in a cabinet gives dealers a story of quality, functionality and purpose from a company who stands behind each and every product.



Help is always on the way when it’s needed. We make a point to incorporate important feedback into our product design for a seamless installation. Installers can rest easy knowing that Blum products are created with them in mind. We make sure that installation and adjustments are as simple as possible. Also, our live customer service team is available to help answer all questions anyone may have. Our online tools provide access to the information they need, fast.


To us, it’s not just about creating a part that works. It’s about understanding how people want to use their kitchens. That’s why we do research and observe people in their own homes. So we can develop real, meaningful products that really last the lifetime of your kitchen. Kitchens shouldn’t just look beautiful, they should also work beautifully. We don’t make kitchens, we make kitchens work.

Cultural Commitment to Quality

Our employees are our family. That’s why we have a cultural commitment to quality not just in our products, but in the lives of our people and the place they work. See what they have to say about what makes Blum a home to more than just innovative products.

Safeguarding the Future
Innovating & Investing in Tomorrow

We look beyond the needs of today to anticipate tomorrow's challenges, setting up our company, our customers and our industry for success.

Product Innovation

Engineered with design in mind, each innovation is built on insight into what people really need in the kitchen. The magic is in our minds and materials.

Technological Investments

From new, fully automated cycle test stands to degassing units, we are constantly investing in technology that improves our processes and the end product for our customers.

Commitment to Customers' Success

Our products are designed to inspire, which is why you can count on quality products, services and support that move your business forward.


Community is the Heart of Our Company.

We believe in taking care of each other in the community. Blum isn’t just a place you work. It’s a place where we thrive, live and raise our families. That’s why our commitment to community is our number one priority. Here are some ways we give back to our employees and those around us:


Here at Blum, we’re huge advocates of Wellbeing. Our wellness program offers a Wellness Clinic, on site mammograms, subsidized health benefits and weight-loss challenges. And the best part? Currently 86% employees participate.

  • Last year alone, we had 715 visits to our free employee Wellness Clinic.

  • Last year, we completed 25 complimentary mammograms on site to our female employees.

  • We organize yearly blood drives with the Red Cross, and last year alone we collected close to 70 pints of blood.

  • We promote health and fitness for our local communities by donating to our local YMCA and Carolina Thread Trail.


It’s important for us to get students engaged and excited about technology early on. Which is why we are present in schools on career days and during manufacturing week, and we recruit for our prized apprentice program.

  • Inspiring women and encouraging girls to grow in STEAM-related fields is imperative for us, which is why we donate to Girls Excelling in Math & Science (GEMS).


We strive to set a good example in our community. We take every opportunity to make little differences that add up in a big way.

  • Manufacturing our products in the U.S. with local and European components means we can lower costs and reduce transportation emissions.

  • All lights are on timers to conserve as much energy as possible.

  • All batteries, paint and refrigerant are properly handled by the companies that specialize in those materials.

  • We adopted a two-mile stretch of highway in front of our facility. Quarterly, we have group clean up days and to date have picked up a total of 2880 gallons of litter.


From the Red Cross blood drives we host every quarter to volunteering with East Lincoln Christian Ministries and local nursing homes, we strive to let our community know how important it is to us.