Warranty & replacements

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Blum products are covered by a limited warranty for the original homeowner against defects in materials and workmanship. We'd be glad to assist you in replacing your parts. Please read the instructions below before contacting us to ensure that we are able to assist you as quickly as possible.


Please note:

  • The Blum name must be visible somewhere on the broken part. We can only send replacements if Blum manufactured the original part.

  • There will be a $12 processing fee on all replacements.

Option 1: Instructions for emailing about your defective part

To start the replacement process via email, please fill out our contact form with the following:

  • Your name, address, phone number, and email address for order and payment confirmations.

  • Quantity of replacements needed.

  • Pictures of the part and/or video demonstrating the problem according to the product type below.


Hinges and mounting plates

Attach pictures of the top, side, and back view of the hinge. Note that the numbers on the product are component numbers, not part numbers, so we need to see pictures for identification.

Drawer slides

Attach a picture of the part number from the product (this may require you to remove the slide from the cabinet). We also need a video showing the issue you are experiencing.

AVENTOS lift systems

Attach a picture of the white label on the lift mechanism (you will need to remove the cover cap to find it). We also need a video showing the issue you are experiencing.


Attach a picture of the white label on the drive unit and/or the power supply. We also need a video showing the issue you are experiencing. Note that SERVO-DRIVE has a 5-year warranty, so we will verify the serial number to see if the warranty is still valid.

Option 2: Instructions for mailing in your defective part

If you’d rather mail in your defective part for replacement, please send the broken part (for hinges, please also include the mounting plate) to Blum, Inc. at the following address:


Blum, Inc.

7733 Old Plank Road

Stanley, NC 28164

Attn: Warranty Dept.


Include a note containing the following:

  • Your name, return address, phone number, and email address if you want to receive a shipping confirmation.

  • Quantity of replacements needed.

  • Description of the problem you are experiencing.


Please note that items sent to Blum will not be returned.


If you have questions, contact our Customer Service team at 800-438-6788 and they will be happy to assist you.

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