Our range at a glance

LEGRABOX is available in two finishes that complement a wide range of styles and colors. The different drawer side heights also cover a variety of design options in the kitchen, bath, and even in furniture applications.

Product range at a glance

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Drawer/High fronted pull-out
Inner drawer/Inner pull-out

N Height - 66.5 mm

F Height - 241 mm

Color range

LEGRABOX comes in two finishes - stainless steel and matte Orion gray.

Cabinet profile

Thanks to advances in runner system technology, LEGRABOX provides a fluid running action even under heavy loads.


Load bearing class

Nominal length

40 kg

270 - 550 mm

70 kg

450 - 650 mm

AMBIA-LINE organization system

AMBIA-LINE has been specifically designed for LEGRABOX. Its slim frames can be used in many of ways, so that items are always organized and easy to find.

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Motion technologies

LEGRABOX drawers close softly and effortlessly thanks to integrated soft-close BLUMOTION. LEGRABOX can be combined with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system for handle-less fronts. If you prefer a mechanical opening support system, the box system is also available with TIP-ON BLUMOTION or integrated TIP-ON technology.


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