The Facility

A lifetime of quality. In a world-class facility.

It’s the details you don’t see that make all of the difference. In our world-class facility we obsess over every facet of our business from manufacturing and logistics support to research and development. So that when you choose Blum, you know you’re choosing a lifetime of quality.


Where Blum U.S. is Rooted

Everything our customers need is here.

The Facility

From the innovations created inside our plant to the community it thrives in, we strive to protect the future. Meet Dennis Mehaffey and learn how sustainability and innovation are integrated into everything we do.

Local production at an international scale

Many of the leading innovations for which we are known are produced or assembled right here in the United States with domestic and European components. For innovations produced in Austria, we maintain an open line of communication to deliver the right products to our customers at the right time.

Lift Systems

Effortlessly empty the dishwasher without the worry of bumping your head.

Hinge Systems

Tried and true, hinges keep your kitchen working - for you.

<no-break>LEGRABOX</no-break>: drawer for practical and modern kitchen furniture from Blum
Box Systems

Sleek and modern styling, while keeping everything beautifully within reach.

Runner Systems

Highlight the beauty of wood by concealing the hardware.

Organization Systems

Customize your own combination of storage systems so you can find everything you need, every time.

Motion Technologies

Open and close cabinets with the greatest of ease with motion technologies.


Creating a Clean Path Forward

We invest in technology and practices that protect the future not just for our company, but for the planet.

Limited Waste

Whether unused zinc, nylon, dyes or scraps, we grind down all discarded material in order to reimagine it as something new, creating a cycle of limited waste.

Stamping Recycles

We take to heart our impact on the earth, which is why we invest in recycling a majority of materials at Blum. The materials we recycle include:

  • Scrap metal like steel, copper and aluminum

  • Wood pallets, containers and cabinets

  • Oils used in manufacturing

  • Corrugated cartons and paper

  • Unused shrink wrap material

  • Printer and copier toner cartridges

  • Computer equipment and cell phones

  • Cans and plastic bottles

  • Light bulbs