For small wall cabinets

With AVENTOS HK-S lift systems, you get the same operation of AVENTOS HK, but in a smaller package. These lift systems have been specifically designed to snugly fit in smaller cabinets, and they excel above refrigerators and pantries.

Cabinet dimensions

Cabinet height range - 7-3/8" to 24"

Cabinet width range - up to 72"


Three mechanisms cover the entire range of cabinet heights and widths for AVENTOS HK-S. This makes choosing and ordering the right hardware quick and easy.


AVENTOS HK-S can be used with wooden doors and with wide or narrow aluminum frames.

Angle restriction clips

The 100° and 75°opening angle restriction clips make sure your door opens at just the right height.

Motion technologies

AVENTOS HK-S includes BLUMOTION soft-closing action. If you prefer the convenience of touch-to-open cabinets, add TIP-ON for AVENTOS, the mechanical opening system.

Case studies

Small installation size

The small AVENTOS HK-S stay lift fits snugly into small cabinets.

Easy access

AVENTOS HK-S gives you easy access to the inside of the cabinet because the door moves up and out of the way.

Design options

AVENTOS HK-S offers plenty of design options. You can easily use doors with wide and narrow aluminum frames, and it’s even suitable for cornice or crown moldings.



Handleless doors open with ease with the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system.

AVENTOS HK-S holds in any position

Adjust the lift mechanism precisely to the weight of the door and it will stay exactly where you want it to.


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