Blum AVENTOS HKi ME42831422


The integrated lift system

Due to its compact and narrow design, AVENTOS HKi can be fully integrated into the cabinet side panel. The lift system hardware blends seamlessly into the cabinet and enables sleek new design possibilities. With AVENTOS HKi, you have complete freedom to create high-quality cabinetry with an aesthetic edge that will impress your customers.

Coming to the US market in 2024

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Invisible elegance

The integrated lift system remains invisible when closed – even with glass fronts. When open, the visible parts of AVENTOS HKi are in an elegant onyx black.

Ergonomics combined with high-tech

The technology of the integrated lift system is concealed in the side panel, yet still gives total control: lift mechanism adjustment from the front, integrated opening angle restriction and variable stop. This enables full freedom of movement and easy access to storage items.

Full design freedom

AVENTOS HKi is so narrow that the hardware can be used in cabinet side panels just 16 mm thick. The dimensions grant you plenty of creative freedom, and all standard heights up to 610 mm high and all widths up to 1828 mm wide can be used.

Front design

AVENTOS HKi gives you ultimate flexibility to choose a variety of fronts. Whichever material you opt for - wood, MDF, glass with narrow or wide aluminum frames, natural stone, ceramic or concrete – you get free rein to explore your creativity.

Semi-integrated with cover cap

If you don't want the lift system fully integrated into the side panel, you can install AVENTOS HKi as a semi-integrated solution with the milled-in lift mechanism hidden by a cover cap. The cover cap is available in silk white, light gray and dark gray, and can be customized with optional branding elements.

Blum AVENTOS HKi ME44188514

Silk white

Blum AVENTOS HKi ME44188519

Light gray

Blum AVENTOS HKi ME44188517

Dark gray

Motion technologies for greater convenience

The BLUMOTION soft-close mechanism ensures that the integrated lift system always closes softly and effortlessly. For handle-less applications, our narrowest lift system can also be implemented with TIP-ON motion technology.


Blum AVENTOS HKi ME47193184

Wall cabinets with a new twist

Modern square cabinets highlight your art in an unexpected way.

Blum AVENTOS HKi ME48840201

Masterfully showcased

Modernize cabinets with fronts or back panels made of glass, putting your collectibles on display while also protecting them from dust.

Blum AVENTOS HKi ME44188470

Elegant presentation

Glass fronts turn cabinets into a work of art. They are a functional way to impress your guests in the dining room.

Blum AVENTOS HKi ME44485979

Impressive cabinets with modern technology

With AVENTOS HKi, you can incorporate a wall cabinet up to 610 mm high and 1828 mm wide. The extra height and width turn the cabinet into a showpiece.

Coming to the US market in 2024

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Blum AVENTOS HKi ME42831422