Organization for LEGRABOX and MERIVOBOX drawers

We all have hectic days, but your kitchen doesn't have to be the same. Find everything you need whether it's for a quick meal or a holiday feast with AMBIA-LINE.

Its clean, straight lines and the dark gray finish not only fits snugly, but also perfectly matches the interiors of your LEGRABOX drawers. Customize your own combination of storage solutions with AMBIA-LINE and make room for everything that makes your kitchen work.

Tailored to contents

The flexible cross dividers can be easily adjusted to fit the size of the items being stored. Inserts and frames can be combined as needed.


AMBIA-LINE kitchen accessories help simplify workflows. These accessories help ensure everything is exactly where it's needed.

AMBIA-LINE in action

Flatware inserts

AMBIA-LINE for flatware

Odds and Ends

Keep your miscellaneous drawer tidy

Pots and lids together at last

Keep pots and lids together

Knife holder

Keeps up to nine knives nice and safe

AMBIA-LINE at work

Beautifully organized drawers make it easier to focus on work