SERVO-DRIVE for drawers

With a single touch or a light pull of the handle, drawers seem to open by themselves. They close again softly and effortlessly with BLUMOTION.

So many possibilities

For all nominal lengths

SERVO-DRIVE can be used with all LEGRABOX, MOVENTO, TANDEM, and TANDEMBOX drawer lengths.

No modifications

SERVO-DRIVE can be used without drawer modifications.


Drive unit for drawers

A single touch triggers the opening signal.

Distance bumpers

Use distance bumpers to set the 3 mm (1/8") gap.

Power supply set

Blum’s power supply set comes with the 24 watt power supply, 19 feet of cable, a wall mount bracket, a three-prong power cord, cable connectors, and cable clips. It's everything you need to power your SERVO-DRIVE application.


Several options are available for attaching SERVO-DRIVE drive units.


INSERTA cable connectors make SERVO-DRIVE easy to adapt to your space requirements.