Easy assembly and installation

With LEGRABOX, fewer parts and pieces makes it easy to order and easy to assemble. Three dimensional height, side, and tilt adjustments can be quickly made using a T20 TORX driver.


Assembly, adjustment and removal

Fast and secure

Easily attach the drawer front, even if the drawer is already in place.

3-dimensional adjustment

Precise height, side and tilt adjustment produces beautiful alignment.

Easy drawer front removal

Even wide and heavy fronts can be easily removed thanks to the holding feature.

Assembly instructions

Assembly videos

LEGRABOX Front removal and adjustments

This video shows how to remove the drawer front and how to make adjustments.

LEGRABOX Side stabilizer installation

This video shows how to assemble the side stabilizer for a LEGRABOX drawer.

LEGRABOX Interior front assembly

This video shows how to assemble a LEGRABOX interior roll-out drawer.


This promotional video introduces and highlights the LEGRABOX program.

BLUMOTION S – Technology

Demonstrates the suitability of bumper types for motion technology and therefore the product intelligence of BLUMOTION S.

Assembly devices

Blum offers a wide range of boring and insertion machines, assembly aids, and templates to make installing Blum products accurate, quick, and easy.

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