Entertaining family and friends should be an enjoyable experience, but often, the kitchen becomes a place of chaos. When the heart of our home needs an overhaul, LEGRABOX helps eliminate countertop clutter while keeping everything in easy reach. This drawer system allows you to create a functional space without sacrificing style.

What's your style?

Build your kitchen around your own style, make it as diverse as you. LEGRABOX has beautiful slim lines and you can mix or match materials with stainless steel or Orion gray. Add your own custom wood fronts to customize your look - the possibilities are endless.

Getting a workout in your kitchen?

Even your heaviest drawers open with just a light pull and close just as easily.

Are you tired of clutter?

Eliminate countertop clutter while keeping everything in easy reach with full extension drawers. With the addition of AMBIA-LINE, everything has its place.

Afraid of dark corners?

Imagine never having to dig in the back of cabinets or search in dark corners again! Full extension drawers bring everything out into the light and at your fingertips.

What good is a great kitchen if it doesn't last forever?

If you are planning a kitchen, plan one that will span the decades. LEGRABOX drawers are durable, dependable, and designed to last a lifetime. Since the drawers come out, they are easy to clean, easy reach, and easy on your back and knees.


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LEGRABOX: drawer for practical and modern kitchen furniture from Blum