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CLIP Hinge Mounting Plate Installation Using Blum Templates

This video shows how to install Blum mounting plates for CLIP, CLIP top and CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges using the PLATEMATE, ECOJIG, the Mounting Plate Template and the Universal Individual Template.

Drilling template for the SERVO-DRIVE Switch

This video shows how to use the drilling template for the SERVO-DRIVE Switch.

LEGRABOX Boring template

This video shows how to use the ZML.7000 back and bottom boring template.

LEGRABOX Bottom router

This video shows how to use the bottom router for simple and precise notching on the drawer bottom.

Universal Drilling Template - 65.1000.01

This video shows how to use the Universal Drilling Template to  pre-drill the fixing positions for cabinet profiles, lift mechanisms, mounting plates and adapter plates.

Universal Individual Template - 65.1051.01

This video shows how to the Universal Individual Template to install box systems, runner systems, hinge systems and lift systems.