Virtually tool-free assembly

Installing AVENTOS lift systems is easier than you may think. In fact, the lever arms and doors snap together without using tools. Doors can even be adjusted in three directions using only a screw driver. Blum also offers templates that make installation a breeze. Use the link below to learn more about our assembly aids.

Easy assembly and adjustment

No protruding parts

The removable telescopic arm makes transporting a finished cabinet easy.

Stabilizer rod

The stabilizer rod can be cut to fit your specific cabinet width, and the spring-loaded arm assembly makes it simple to install.

CLIP attachment

Attaching the door to the arm assembly is easy because our CLIP technology snaps it into position.

Adjustable power setting

Use a cordless screwdriver to precisely adjust the lift mechanism to the weight of the door, and it will hold in any position.

Door adjustment

Doors adjust in three dimensions for the perfect fit!

Assembly instructions

Assembly video

AVENTOS HL Lift up system

This video shows the easy assembly and adjustment of AVENTOS HL lift up system.Length: 3:08

AVENTOS HL product snippet

This product snippet shows the motion, the variable stop and the different cover cap colours of the AVENTOS HL.

How to disassemble AVENTOS HL for lift up systems

This video shows how to disassemble the AVENTOS HL lift up system.

Assembly devices

Blum offers a wide range of boring and insertion machines, assembly aids, and templates to make installing Blum products accurate, quick, and easy.

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