The secret's inside!

Slamming doors are a thing of the past. With CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges doors close silently because the BLUMOTION soft-close feature is built into the hinge cup.

Clock-like precision

CLIP top BLUMOTION is innovative soft-close technology at its best and in the smallest place imaginable.

Exact motion for every door

Soft-close BLUMOTION adapts to the dynamics of every door, so all doors have a smooth closing action regardless of size, weight, or the force used when closing them.

Geared to your needs

The BLUMOTION feature can be deactivated, so even small or light doors close seamlessly every time.

CLIP top BLUMOTION in onyx black

CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges are also available in onyx black. They are available in a wide range of options, meaning even your specialty cabinet hinges will match the rest of the kitchen. Designed to blend in or make a statement, these hinges add sleekness and originality to any cabinet.

Case studies

110° standard hinges

This elegant hinge combines technology with good looks.

110° standard hinges

Wood? Wide aluminum frames? Angled applications? The possibilities are limitless.

Angled applications

Top quality motion for all angled applications from -45° to +45°.

Blind corner hinge

Blind corner applications can also be achieved with CLIP top BLUMOTION.

Hinges for thick doors

More options for door thicknesses thanks to the hinge pivoting point.


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