Thin fronts - EXPANDO T technology

Easy assembly

Our new attachment system for thin fronts is based on EXPANDO T technology. Assembly is simple — drill, insert and secure the screws. With sufficient stability and strength, front materials of 8-14 mm may be used.

Assembly, adjustment and removal

Assembly is easy, first drill a 10 mm diameter hole that is just 6 mm in depth. Hinge cup drilling is no longer required for hinges. Attachment positions stay the same for lift and box systems.

Innovative attachment method

A steel pull-in anchor ensures a secure fit for harder materials, while plastic jaws secure the fit for softer materials.


Assembly instructions

Blum's thin front solution is suitable for attaching Blum hardware to thin front materials in cabinet manufacturing. With sufficient stability and strength, front materials of 8-14 mm may be used.

Area of application and assembly recommendation
Materials tested by Blum Minimum tightening torque (Nm)
Particleboard (transverse tensile strength > 0.4 N/mm²) 1.5
MDF (transverse tensile strength > 0.6 N/mm²) 1.5
Mineral composites 2
Granite stone 3
Quartz composite artificial stone 3
Ceramic panels 3

EXPANDO T assembly


Disclaimer of liability

Blum accepts no liability for the use of EXPANDO T in combination with materials not listed or hardware from other manufacturers. It is recommended that assembly be carried out by an experienced furniture manufacturer.

Planning and ordering information

Would you like to find out more about EXPANDO T? This brochure provides all the information you need for ordering, planning, and assembly.

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