CLIP top

Assembly made easy

CLIP top can be installed using screw-on, press-in, EXPANDO, and INSERTA attachment methods. What’s more, tried and tested CLIP technology makes attaching and removing the door quick and easy. And adjustment is simple and precise with our 3-dimensional adjustment feature.

Assembly, adjustment and removal

Tool-free hinge attachment

With INSERTA, hinges can be quickly snapped into place.

Tool-free door attachment

Blum’s tried and tested CLIP mechanism makes attaching the door to the cabinet tool-free, quick, and easy.

Three-dimensional adjustment

Triple advantage: Side, height, and variable depth adjustment, with our spiral screw. Several mounting plates also have cam height adjustment.

Assembly instructions

Assembly devices

Blum offers a wide range of boring and insertion machines, assembly aids, and templates to make installing Blum products accurate, quick, and easy.

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