Designed to move you.

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is filled with moments that will become memories. AVENTOS HK top has revolutionized lift systems with its extraordinary design and intuitive installation for this very reason.


Lift systems allow designers and cabinetmakers to raise their game with space-saving functionality, improved efficiency, and awe-inspiring design their customers will love. From modern to traditional styles, every space can be taken higher.

Form meets function.

Compact in size yet huge in impact, the AVENTOS HK top combines style and substance to improve both looks and lifestyles.

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Effortless install and maintenance.

Extra attention has been placed on simple and precise installation, quick assembly and easy adjustments, allowing installers more time for other projects.

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Compact size & versatile design

AVENTOS HK top is suitable for both face frame and frameless cabinets, transcending style. It blends discreetly into cabinets, placing an even greater focus on the brilliance of your design. Featuring a sleek, compact design and cover cap, the small footprint of AVENTOS HK top conserves valuable interior cabinet space while enhancing the beauty of a cabinet.

Various doorfront materials

AVENTOS HK top requires minimal opening force, making it an ideal solution even for heavy doors. The lift mechanism can be adjusted precisely to the weight of the front, ensuring that the front remains exactly where you want it to and always within reach.

Eliminates hassle of traditional doors

Traditional doors can leave a space feeling crowded, cluttered and dysfunctional. AVENTOS HK top eliminates the need for traditional doors, opening up and out of the way to free up movement throughout a space while also adding highly sought-after storage.


From BLUMOTION soft close technology to the mechanical one-touch opening of TIP-ON, combining AVENTOS HK top with one of Blum's motion technologies adds even more awe-inspiring functionality.

No measuring

AVENTOS HK top’s symmetrical lift mechanisms have an integrated positioning template, eliminating the need for measuring and pre-drilling while saving time and money on the jobsite.

Universal application

The new mechanism is universal, making it easier than ever to install a lift system on both sides of a cabinet. Simply line up the positioning template with the top panel and front edge of the cabinet.

Tension adjustment

It’s easy to make adjustments from the front of the mechanism without removing the cover cap. Once adjustments are made, the door will stop in any desired position, keeping it right within reach.

Opening angle adjustment

With just a quick twist of a Torx screwdriver or drill, the opening angle of your cabinets can be adjusted to accommodate ceilings or other cabinets. Opening angles between 75 and 107 degrees can be achieved.

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