Raise style and substance.


AVENTOS HK top was designed to improve the functionality of a space while also making your highest design ideas possible.


Because AVENTOS HK top was created with Blum’s innovative research, development and commitment to quality, it is designed to move with your customers’ lifestyles.

Leverages our customer research

Every Blum innovation is designed not just for the looks of the moment, but also for the lifestyles customers crave. AVENTOS HK top was created as an answer to real customer research about the real needs of real people.

More space

From growing families to growing renovations, there are many reasons why customers desire more space above other home features. AVENTOS HK top takes up less space within a cabinet while allowing for wide cabinet applications so that customers can enjoy more storage than ever.

Easier access

From bumping heads to creating visual chaos, traditional cabinets can leave customers feeling overwhelmed within their own spaces. AVENTOS HK top streamlines both the look and the functionality of a space, so it can actually be enjoyed.

Worry-free install and maintenance.

Simple, precise and effortless, the AVENTOS HK top is easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to love.

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