Blum AVENTOS HKi ME44132947


A well-thought-out assembly concept and integrated functions

A well-filled glass of sawdust is all you need to integrate AVENTOS HKi into the cabinet side. Choose for yourself how to blend our narrowest lift system seamlessly into the furniture from a variety of assembly options: depending on the equipment in your workshop, the number of fittings being used and whether or not you want to outsource any steps in the process.

Five assembly options

Fully integrated with raw boards set

Our pre-milled MDF raw boards set already has the central cutout for AVENTOS HKi. Cut the raw board measuring 450 mm x 600 mm x 19 mm to your desired size and veneer or varnish the board according to your requirements.

We offer a special flush milling cutter for the router to re-expose the cutout after applying veneer.

Fully integrated with milling template set

Alongside the appropriate copy milling cutter, we have developed various milling templates with which you can precisely mill the cutout for the lift mechanism and insert panel when using a router.

Fully integrated with double shell

Use a CNC machine to surface mill the half cabinet sides and then glue the two halves together.

Semi-integrated with cover cap

Use a CNC machine or router to surface mill your cabinet side for the lift mechanism. This is concealed in the furniture with a colour-coordinated cover cap. Customisation options are available with different branding elements.

Fully integrated with MINIMILL

We have developed MINIMILL, a special milling machine for manufacturing in larger quantities. It allows you to mill side panel thicknesses of 16 ‑ 25 mm quickly and precisely.

Blum AVENTOS HKi ME44132968

Adjust the cabinet side depth as required using the scale on the ruler.

Blum AVENTOS HKi ME44132966

Simple fixing of the cabinet sides with just one hand.

Blum AVENTOS HKi ME44132969

Use a screwdriver to set the correct side panel thickness of 16 - 25 mm.

Blum AVENTOS HKi ME44132965

Then start the milling process securely with both hands

Blum AVENTOS HKi ME44132967

The cabinet side to be processed is pushed in up to the stop position.

Blum AVENTOS HKi ME44132953

The outcome: perfectly milled cabinet sides that are ideal for further AVENTOS HKi processing.

Easy assembly and adjustment


Slide the lift mechanism completely into the cutout.

Press-fit connection

Turn the screw until the lift mechanism is pressed into the cabinet.


Release the transportation lock over the CLIP mechanism.

Lift mechanism adjustment

From the front, adjust the lift mechanism precisely to the weight of the front, preferably with a cordless screwdriver.

Three-dimensional adjustment

Use TORX screws to adjust the gap layout 3-dimensionally.

Integrated opening angle stop

An opening angle stop with infinitely variable setting is integrated into the fitting.

Installation instructions

Assembly videos

Assembly devices

Blum offers a wide range of drilling and insertion machines, assembly devices and templates to ensure that the assembly of Blum products is simple and precise. Assembly must be precise to deliver perfect motion.

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