Easy to open, even easier to install

With AVENTOS HK top, extra attention has been placed on simple and precise installation and quick assembly. The symmetrical lift mechanisms have an integrated positioning template, eliminating the need for measuring and pre-drilling.

Easy assembly and adjustment

No protruding parts

Lever arms are closed so there are no protruding parts. This makes transporting cabinets much easier.

Integrated safety mechanism

The integrated safety mechanism prevents the lever arm from opening unintentionally.

CLIP mechanism

The tried and tested CLIP mechanism is tool-free, quick and easy.

Variable stop

Adjust the lift mechanism precisely to the weight of the front without removing the cover caps.

3-dimensional adjustment

AVENTOS HK top is based on TORX technology. This ensures precise and easy adjustment.

Opening angle adjustment

Adjust the opening angle to accomodate ceilings or other cabinets with a quick twist of a screwdriver.