For flexible design

To ensure that every SPACE TOWER inspires users, we've put together some useful design tips for planning your application. Drawers can be flexibly positioned within the cabinet so you can adapt interiors to storage items. This gives you even more design freedom. The cutting dimensions of the base and back panel of the box systems stay the same.

Shelf and inner drawer

In high cabinets, it's practical to have a shelf that is clearly visible from the front as the highest level. The inner drawer underneath makes it easier to access storage items from the side.

Flexible positioning of drawers

You can position the inner drawers at different heights within the cabinet so even items such as bottles or cereal boxes won't be too tall to store.

Hinge above the lowest drawer

If the zero protrusion hinge is mounted above the lowest drawer, the drawer can be inserted right at the bottom of the cabinet, making the most of those last few inches of usable storage space.

Assembly devices

Blum offers a wide range of boring and insertion machines, assembly aids and templates to make installing Blum products accurate, quick and easy.

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