Precision in every drawer

Every MERIVOBOX option can be assembled quickly and easily thanks to the consistent platform concept. The drawer back and bottom are the same width, making it easy to streamline the manufacturing process. MERIVOBOX also has simple, clearly labeled and easily accessible 3-dimensional adjustment features which are the same for every drawer side.

Assembly, adjustment and removal

One front for all

Use the same drilling position and front fixing bracket for the entire MERIVOBOX range. All you need is one front for all drawer options and one for all high fronted interior roll-out options.

3-dimensional adjustment option

The new box system has height, side and tilt adjustment features. Precise adjustment options ensure that you can achieve perfect gap alignment every time.

Easy assembly and removal of the front

Simply clip the front on, even when the drawer is closed. Wide and heavy fronts can be easily removed by a single person thanks to the holding position.

Assembly instructions

Assembly devices

Blum offers a wide range of boring and insertion machines, assembly devices and templates to make installing Blum products accurate, quick and easy.

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