Take your equipment to a new level!

MINIPRESS helps you install Blum fittings quickly and efficiently. Yet EASYSTICK adds a completely new dimension to installation and assembly: drilling positions are calculated digitally, and stops move automatically to the right position. Drilling is precise and there is no need for subsequent adjustments.


MINIPRESS P is a reliable drilling and insertion tool that produces precise assembly results for cabinets, doors and fronts. Fittings are installed quickly and simply. Combine it with EASYSTICK and get even greater flexibility and shorter set-up times!

Use BXF files with EASYSTICK

Integrating files from the Online Product Configurator (OPC) to your EASYSTICK is simple. Start by filling out a Detailed Product Configuration. On the “Results” page, click on “BXF” in the “Downloads” section. Select “EASYSTICK” from the drop-down menu and click “Download.” From here, you can transfer the BXF file to your EASYSTICK using a USB flash drive.