Global Customer Benefits

Who we serve

Blum's Global Customer Benefits ensure that from start to finish, anyone who interacts with our products will believe in the quality and experience their excellence. When products leave our facilities for a manufacturer, dealer, installer, or consumer, we work closely with everyone along the way to establish that.


We work closely with manufacturers of all kinds to accommodate our products to their applications and needs, no matter how unique. The quality in our products assures manufacturers that they will last the lifetime of a cabinet.


From sharing research we have conducted to supplying anything needed for designs, we support dealers to make sure that they have what they need. With Blum, dealers can create solutions that aren't just inspiring, but also have a meaningful story behind them.


We make it a priority that our products are easy to use and install. We've used research and feedback in the way we design our products. We have a live and knowledgeable customer service team for any questions that come up, and a plethora of online services for help every step of the way.


It's important to us that our products are built to last the lifetime of the kitchen. Through extensive research and observations, we discover patterns in how people use and move within their kitchens. Our products are built to make all of that easier for the long term.