SERVO-DRIVE troubleshooting guide

SERVO-DRIVE troubleshooting

The documents below contain troubleshooting guides should any problems occur when starting up or using SERVO-DRIVE. For further questions, please get in touch with your Blum contact.


SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS: Initial Setup

This video shows the initial setup of SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS.

SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS: Wireless Switch Battery

This video shows how to easily replace the SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS wireless switch battery.

SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS: Syncing two drive units

This video shows how to sync two drive units for a single wide front cabinet.

SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS: Collision Avoidance

This video shows how to setup the SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS collision avoidance feature.

SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS: Wirelesss Switches and Reference Run

This video shows how to connect the wireless switches to the drive unit and how to perform the reference run on SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS.


Please read the troubleshooting guide in the operating instructions.