AWFS 2021: What's New

COMPACT CLIP Hinge (Coming 2022)

  • Utilizes our CLIP technology, so doors can be attached and removed tool-free

  • Three-dimensional cam adjustment with directional arrows for easy and precise adjustability

  • Same boring pattern as COMPACT BLUMOTION

  • Deactivation switch for small/light doors

  • Factory setting remains the same, after door removal and repeated attachment, significantly reducing final adjustment time

  • Reduces the risk of stripped screws for time-saving and precise installation

  • Standard and custom logo cover caps available

New Cover Cap Colors and Design

  • Updated design for AVENTOS HS, AVENTOS HL, and AVENTOS HF

  • Clean, modern design

  • Available in silk white, dark gray and light gray

  • Allows hardware to blend in with the cabinet or provide contrast

  • Standard and custom logo cover cap available

  • Coming Fall 2021

Pull-Out Shelf Lock

The Pull-Out Shelf Lock is compatible with MOVENTO and TANDEM runners. It helps create additional shelf space and gives users an added layer of space where they need it most. A two-sided locking mechanism keeps shelves securely in place when in use, so they don't slide back into the cabinet. The lock can be released with one hand. Add another level of accessibility by adding TIP-ON BLUMOTION to the MOVENTO runner outfitted with the Pull-Out Shelf Lock.


Available in both the App and Google Play Stores, Blum's EASY ASSEMBLY APP houses installation sheets, adjustment information and videos to help answer any questions you may have on the jobsite. The app works with or without internet connection!

Need Help Deciding Which Parts to Order?

Using the Online Product Configurator, a complete parts list of all hardware needed will be matched to your application along with detailed planning drawins including a cut list and drilling info. It will also include CAD/CAM data in 2D and 3D. You can drop the CAD data into whatever design program you use.

Blum USA on Youtube

Blum USA's YouTube channel features a collection of videos ranginf from quick adjustment walk-throughs to step-by-step installation demonstrations specifically related to the products offered in the United States. Subscribe to our channel to be notified of any time a new video is added!