Requirement Research

Understanding what kitchen users need

We have been researching the needs of kitchen users around the world for years. The insights we gain from user habits, needs, and desires help us develop new product ideas tailored to the demands and requirements of everyday kitchen use.

Research & observations

There are patterns in the way people move around the kitchen. Most preparation work is done somewhere between the sink and the cook top and many people bend, stretch, kneel, or climb on counters or chairs to reach items in cabinets.

After observing these patterns in common activities and processes in the kitchen, we identify a variety of practical requirements for kitchens, such as storage space requirements, internal organization needs, or functional requirements. The findings are incorporated into the development of our products.


Blum has made sure to test our products against evolving needs of kitchen users with the AGE EXPLORER® suit, which allows the wearer to experience simulated physical limitations for movement, sight, touch, and hearing that naturally change as we go through life. Blum uses this suit to conduct research and determine how to design or enhance products that will make working in the kitchen an easy task for anyone at any stage in life.


It can be difficult to get items out of base cabinets with doors, especially for those with impaired mobility. Drawers in base cabinets are the solution to accessing hard-to-reach items.

Lift sytems

AVENTOS lift systems allow full access to the cabinet interior. They open easily, remaining in any open position, and move up and out of the way of the user, reducing the risk of injury.

Corner cabinets

The SPACE CORNER cabinet, a corner cabinet with a bank of full extension drawers, brings the contents of the cabinet right out to your fingertips - say goodbye to losing items in your cabinets.

Motion technology

For an even easier way to access your items, the electric opening system, SERVO-DRIVE, lets cabinets open with a light touch and close with the touch of a button.

*AGE EXPLORER® is a registered trademark of the Meyer-Hentschel Institute.