Stanley, NC | January 2023

Future innovations debut at Blum’s KBIS booth

Blum, Inc., a storage solutions-oriented hardware manufacturer for cabinetry, displayed a variety of forthcoming products in their KBIS booth in Las Vegas. Innovation has always been important to Blum’s identity. Not only does Blum listen to customer feedback to continuously improve our product offering, the company also does a great deal of research and observes people in their homes to find solutions for common roadblocks.

Silk White for LEGRABOX

A perfect mix of sophistication and dependability, the new silk white color option for LEGRABOX seamlessly fits into any style. LEGRABOX is available in five drawer heights and is compatible with both electric and mechanical push-to-open technologies. Blum is now working to ensure silk white will soon be available for purchase in the United States.


The trend for integrated spaces continues to be on the rise. REVEGO is an innovative pocket door system that allows spaces to be open when in use and shut away when they are not needed. REVEGO is available for double and single door applications. The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is the first time this product has been presented in the United States. The current planned release date for the United States is 2024.


This product utilizes the toe-kick portion of the cabinet to provide a built-in step for users to reach higher surfaces and cabinets. What’s better, the step slides out of the way revealing storage space. Blum expects to launch this product to the United States market in 2024.


MERIVOBOX is a new metal box system that lends itself to versatility. Easy to assemble, MERIVOBOX can be quickly implemented into projects. This KBIS is the first time the product has been displayed in the United States, and Blum hopes to have it available for the US market in 2024.

Silk white for LEGRABOX is expected to release in 2023.

REVEGO, Blum’s new pocket door system, allows spaces to be open when in use and completely concealed when they are not needed.

SPACE STEP is expected to be available to the United States market in 2024.

MERIVOBOX is a brand-new box system that features easy assembly.