Stanley, NC | February 2024

Innovative platform concept for metal box systems

Blum announces its newest box system: MERIVOBOX

Blum Inc., a storage-solutions oriented hardware manufacturer for cabinetry, is proud to announce the launch of its new family of metal box systems, MERIVOBOX. This forward-thinking product offers flexibility with aesthetic appeal and easy manufacturing, ensuring everyone from designers, cabinetmakers, installers and homeowners has something to celebrate.

The heart of MERIVOBOX

Not only does the overall look of MERIVOBOX offer a distinct alternative to traditional wooden drawers, but a variety of looks can also be achieved with just a few components. The cabinet profile has the same installation for all applications. This standardization simplifies the learning curve, making it an ideal starting point for those new to Blum’s box systems. With the installation process consistent regardless of the design elements chosen, users can easily switch between different heights and designs without learning new techniques. The simple, clearly labeled and easily accessible 3-dimensional adjustment options allow installers to achieve perfect alignment on-site.

Flexibility in design

With two colors and multiple design elements available, MERIVOBOX is sure to suit any space. The drawer sides form the frame of the drawer, making it easy to add a variety of components. Choose to build a deeper drawer with a closed metal side or design element, or an open space with a gallery rail. The drawer side itself is designed to reflect light, adding overall visual interest. MERIVOBOX has the ability to hold up to 170 pounds of storage goods and can be as wide as 55”, while still being easy to operate. With full-extension drawers, MERIVOBOX creates clear visibility and easy access to items.

MERIVOBOX can be used to highlight personal styles or be a component for other cabinet applications like SPACE TOWER or SPACE STEP. Add organization with Blum’s AMBIA-LINE system to get even more functionality out of this customizable powerhouse.

Available in silk white and indium gray, MERIVOBOX can be used as a highlight for applications throughout the home.

MERIVOBOX can be implemented with a range of side options – all using the same installation process – for a variety of looks.