Stanley, NC | February 2024

Groundbreaking innovations at KBIS 2024

Blum Inc., a storage solutions-oriented hardware manufacturer for cabinetry, is thrilled to display a variety of its latest product innovations at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) this year. These solutions are designed to enhance functionality and aesthetics in modern spaces. Spending countless hours researching what the modern homeowner needs, Blum continues to push the boundaries of design and technology, ensuring our products and services not only meet the current demands, but set a new standard for the future.


The highlight of the show, REVEGO is an innovative pocket door system that allows spaces to be open when in use and hidden away when they are not needed. Seamlessly integrating doors into walls or cabinetry without the need for visible tracks, REVEGO is available for double and single door applications that can be combined as desired. When the doors are opened, they are stored in a discreet, narrow pocket. Up for multiple categories in the Best of KBIS awards, this product helps create an uncluttered environment that is sure to elevate the overall aesthetic of any room. REVEGO is available for purchase through Blum’s authorized distributors.


MERIVOBOX is a new metal box system that lends itself to versatility. Offering a sleek alternative to wooden drawers, it’s available in two colors and a variety of looks that can be achieved with just a few components – making it simple to order and simple to install. With the ability to carry up to 170 pounds of storage goods, MERIVOBOX ensures longevity with its strength and durability.


This product utilizes the toe kick portion of the cabinet to provide a built-in step for users to reach higher surfaces and cabinets. What’s better, the step slides out of the way revealing storage space. It can be implemented with any of Blum’s drawer runners or box systems. SPACE STEP will be available in the United States in April 2024.


Blum has rethought its entire lift system lineup – allowing easier implementation of lift systems with an emphasis on design. AVENTOS HKi, which will be available in the summer of 2024, is integrated into the cabinet side. Even with glass fronts, the hardware remains invisible when closed and is extremely discreet upon opening. AVENTOS HKi combines elegance with functionality.

Other Blum lift system types have also been redefined. This fall, Blum US will be introducing its AVENTOS top program. With different opening styles, AVENTOS HF top, AVENTOS HS top and AVENTOS HL top cover a range of application needs while enhancing user experience, creating easy and unobstructed access to storage goods. The integrated features on the range of AVENTOS tops allow for easy manufacturing and assembly.

These innovations prove that Blum believes in redefining spaces with solutions that blend seamlessly into modern lifestyles while making implementation easy for both designers and cabinetmakers. Our displays at KBIS reflect this, showcasing our dedication to function and forward-thinking design. We invite attendees to visit our booth, N1423, to experience these products firsthand and explore how they can be used to transform projects.

REVEGO, Blum’s new pocket door system, allows spaces to be open when in use and completely concealed when they are not needed.

MERIVOBOX is a brand-new box system that features easy assembly.

SPACE STEP is expected to be available to the United States market in April 2024.

AVENTOS HKi is integrated into the cabinet side panel, making the hardware invisible when the cabinet is closed.