Stanley, NC | February 2024

Revolutionize spaces with REVEGO

Blum Inc., a storage-solutions oriented hardware manufacturer for cabinetry, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative pocket door system: REVEGO. Implementing this product into designs redefines space utilization with its ability to quickly reveal workspaces and hide them away again when they are not in use. REVEGO combines sleek design with easy implementation.

Multifunctional spaces

Recognizing the trend for open space concepts and smaller environments in metropolitan areas, Blum developed REVEGO to not only complement, but elevate interconnected spaces. The pocket system from Blum opens up brand new opportunities: The full overlay fronts act as a wall to hide a space, whether it be a kitchen workspace, home office, laundry room or bar, and it can be opened by simply pressing on the front and gliding the door into a narrow pocket. To conceal the area, the user simply presses the door to release it from the pocket and presses it once again when the doors are in place to fully close.

REVEGO is available in single (uno) or double (duo) doors that can be combined as needed for perfect integration into layouts. The pocket widths are set to a standard dimension, allowing designers the flexibility to create the surrounding space.

Implementation made easy

With Blum’s Product Configurator, users can plan a REVEGO application and get the parts list needed to order the correct components for each application. The free service also gives information for installation and adjustments as well as CAD data for design programs or CNC machines. This integration facilitates a precise and streamlined manufacturing process and allows cabinetmakers to produce and preassemble REVEGO for delivery. Final assembly on site is as simple as putting up and mounting the pockets, installing the fronts and track and making any final adjustments. All the technology lives within the pocket and is easy to access, even once REVEGO is installed.

REVEGO is more than just a door, it’s an architectural element that enhances the functionality and aesthetic of modern spaces. With Blum’s advanced design and support services, incorporating this solution into projects has never been easier.


REVEGO, Blum’s new pocket door system, allows spaces to be open when in use and completely concealed when they are not needed.

The technology behind REVEGO lives in the pocket and is easy to access, even after installation.

REVEGO uno and REVEGO duo can be combined as needed, allowing designers to perfectly tailor the application to available space.