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AVENTOS: An Inspiring range of lift systems

Lift systems in wall cabinets are ergonomic and convenient. It gives users easy access to contents and full freedom of movement increasing functionality within the kitchen or home. Ensuring that current design trends are met, Blum have created a new linear design of cover cap for the existing AVENTOS HF, HS and HL lift systems which is now available.

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Blum customers fund 3,333 eye operations

During the Blum CONNECTS online event, attendees were invited to sign a guestbook, for which Blum would donate 30 euros for every signature gathered for charity organisation “Light for the World” – each donation being enough to fund an eye operation for someone suffering from cataracts.

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Blum offers practical pull-out shelf lock

Blum have developed a practical lock-open stop for pull-out shelves that can be implemented with MOVENTO and TANDEM full extension runners. It can be used in various applications throughout the home, be it in the kitchen, bathroom, in different living areas and laundry.

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Blum releases SPACE STEP

The SPACE STEP is the latest application and cabinet solution from Blum. It is a clever problem solver that enables users to reach higher levels of storage space more easily, while simultaneously providing additional storage space in the pull-out underneath the SPACE STEP.

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Introducing SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS HK top

Recently launched in the Australian market, AVENTOS HK top is the latest addition to the AVENTOS range and as of April AVENTOS HK top can now be combined with SERVO-DRIVE – Blum’s electrical opening and closing support system.

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Introducing EASYSTICK

EASYSTICK is the new ruler technology by Blum offering customers enhanced convenience and precise drilling and assembly results. Now available to the Australian market, its objective is to improve handling and ensuring that dimensions can be set quickly and without error.

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AVENTOS HK top – overhead cabinets made easy

Beautifully functional and packed full of new technology, Blum has set high standards when developing our new AVENTOS HK top lift system.

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BLUMOTION S, now available for MOVENTO

Blum offers four motion technologies and consequently the right solution for every level of user convenience. The range, however, remains simple – thanks to the new BLUMOTION S runner, which is now also compatible with our MOVENTO runner system.

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2018´s Award Winner

Architecture & Design has announced the results of its Trusted Brands 2018 survey and revealed Australia’s best brands in the architecture, building, construction, and design industries.

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The first fixing solution for thin fronts for drawers, doors and lift systems.

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Two new hinges from Blum

At Blum, the needs of our customers are our greatest motivation in refining our fittings and the reason why our range is constantly growing.

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At Blum, we place as much focus on further improving existing product lines as we do new product development.

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TANDEMBOX – Performance Optimised

After extensive review, research, further development and product testing we are pleased to reveal the most significant optimisation to the technology and function of our TANDEMBOX programme to date.

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Blum – innovative fittings for extremely large fronts

Every household needs worktops and shelves but they shouldn’t dominate the look of living areas. There are different creative approaches on how these areas can be hidden behind large fronts.

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Blum's New Onyx Black Hinge- A New Opportunity to Stand Out

Supporting the trend towards darker furniture, the onyx black hinge variant integrates harmoniously into darker cabinets creating new design possibilities.

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Blum wins Global Player Award

Blum had the honor of receiving the Global Player Award at the 23rd Awards ceremony held in Vienna.

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The technological developments for Blum’s TANDEMBOX range takes another step with the latest performance optimisation.

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