Introducing SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS HK top

- Blum’s electrical opening and closing support system

Recently launched in the Australian market, AVENTOS HK top is the latest addition to the AVENTOS range and as of April AVENTOS HK top can now be combined with SERVO-DRIVE – Blum’s electrical opening and closing support system.

Minimalist design

Installed close to the cabinet top panel the cover cap with its new sleek and modern design, fits inconspicuously into any overhead cabinet.. The minimalist cover caps in silk white, light and dark grey provide plenty of design freedom. Clean-cut with smooth surfaces, this solution is particularly effective for setting the scene for your furniture’s design.

Easy assembly and synchronisation

The newest overhead technology has many innovative features that make installation of the SERVO-DRIVE unit and start-up easy. The drive unit can simply be clipped on without the requirement of tools. The LED colour signals on the drive unit and wireless switches take users through start-up step by step and confirm that settings are correct allowing for easy synchronisation.

Optimised electrical motion support system

Blum has optimised the motion technology especially for AVENTOS HK top. Small in size, the SERVO-DRIVE unit and lift mechanism harmonise beautifully with cabinet interiors. With its linear design and a multitude of useful features, the electrical motion support system allows for wall cabinets to glide open at a single touch and close again softly and effortlessly at the press of a button.

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