Motion is not just about opening and closing doors.

Blum Australia has streamlined their hinge program so their growing range fulfils an increasing multitude of applications and needs.

Renowned for their hinges, their engineers' expertise goes into their hinges and ingenuity and inventive capabilities create the functionality that is unique to Blum. Their hinge systems stand for reliable function, enhanced adjustment, easy assembly and attractive design.

Blum Australia has enhanced and added more product to the current hinge offering in the Australian market. The entire hinge program continues to offer customers the right solutions for projects and various applications.

What has changed?

  • The CLIP top 110° unsprung hinges, is the new everyday solution for unsprung hinge applications

  • The 110° unsprung hinges will be available in screw-on, knock-in & INSERTA with a nickel finish & INSERTA with an onyx black finish

  • The currently ranged 110° CLIP top BLUMOTION inset hinge in addition to its use in standard applications is now also recommended for inward-opening furniture door applications

  • The currently ranged CLIP top 120° unsprung hinges should only be used for AVENTOS HF applications

  • The currently ranged CLIP top 95⁰ unsprung profile INSERTA hinge for TIP-ON applications, in onyx black which should only be used for thick door applications

  • CLIP top EXPANDO T unsprung hinge to support TIP-ON is available in a nickel finish

  • The CLIP top BLUMOTION EXPANDO T hinge is available in an onyx black finish along with a new onyx black cover cap


CLIP top BLUMOTION 110° inset hinge for inward opening applications


CLIP top BLUMOTION 110° EXPANDO T hinge in onyx black


CLIP top 110° unsprung inserta hinge for everyday TIP-ON applications


CLIP top 110° unsprung EXPANDO T hinge in nickel